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The turn of a new decade brought cheer, optimism and aspirations of a brighter future. For many, it was a time of resolutions to live fuller lives, to focus more on lifestyle experiences and traveling.

But the new decade also brought turbulence. The terrible sweeping impact of the global pandemic has affected us all in so many ways, and so profoundly, casting doubt on the positive outlooks of many.  With concerns for our safety at the forefront of our minds and with a long list of travel restrictions, dreams of travel have faded, more so now than at any other time in recent history.

Yet, in spite of all that has shaken our world, the desire to travel and enjoy new lifestyle experiences remains strong and resilient. As our dreams for a brighter future continue to percolate in the back of our minds, we need to keep our hope alive to nurture those dreams. Especially in times of crisis, we need to keep hope.

By allowing ourselves to indulge our imaginations while we lose ourselves in our own virtual reality, we can be inspired to dream again. As we allow ourselves to be drawn into our dreams, while we explore captivating new destinations and discover fun, new lifestyle possibilities, we create pleasure and enjoyment from these experiences. These good feelings can elevate our mood and give us a much-needed boost of hope and optimism to keep our future lifestyle dreams alive. 

Undoubtedly, “The Great Pause” will leave many scars on our world and it will take us some time to heal. And as the days and weeks go by, I believe that the more energy we invest in rekindling our hopes and nurturing our dreams, the faster we can heal ourselves and our world. 

As the world slowly starts to awaken and we begin to venture out once again, I'm sure we'll discover that it continues to be just as amazing as it has always been - and maybe even more so!

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